Terms and Conditions


  • You must be the only user of our Product and Services: you cannot
    share your account or vehicle with other people. For your safety,
    passenger, goods or other items (e.g. baggage, big animals,
    briefcase) transport is not allowed;
  • You must be at least 18 to use our vehicle: furthermore, you must be
    able to use the vehicle and in good health;
  • Since our vehicle must be used outdoor, the weather conditions could
    create dangerous situation (e.g. wet/icy road, poor visibility
    conditions). You must adequate the use of vehicle to the weather
    conditions in order to keep you safe.
  • You must be compliant with the local and national rules governing
    the use of vehicle and driving regulation; do not violate restricted
    area, parking restriction, pedestrian zone or speed limit;
  • For your safety we strongly recommend, at least, the use of a helmet
    and protective gear any time you use our vehicle, preferably
    approved and certified by certification authorities. We are not
    liable in case of injuries occurred for the non-use of protective
  • Before the use of the vehicle do check its conditions: we are
    committed to provide a vehicle in good condition and immediately
    ready for use. Anyway, for your safety have a look to your vehicle
    (e.g. brakes, wheels, pedal, seat and battery status). In case you
    should notice some issues during the use of vehicle stop your trip
    as soon as you are in safety condition and report to us the
    malfunctioning. We will not prove roadside assistance. Please mind,
    in case you will not notice us, we could associate with you the
    damages to the vehicle;
  • The vehicle is operated by a battery and the level of battery charge
    is decreasing according to the trip duration and distance. We cannot
    assure the battery level shall be enough to reach your destination
    even if we are committed to provide continuous battery recharge: so
    it is in your responsibility to check the battery level of the
    vehicle you choose with regards to your trip duration and distance.
    Furthermore, please mind battery consumption depends on road and
    weather conditions;
  • For your safety the use of mobile phones or other portable devices
    is not allowed when the use of it in not allowed by the driving
    rules. In any case, it is in your responsibility the use of such
    devices. Do mind and improper use of mobile impairs your safety and
    safety of people around you.
  • You must not use the vehicle if you are under the influence of
    alcohol, drugs or other substances that can hinder your driving
  • You are responsible for the adequate use of our vehicle, therefore
    you must adequate the use of it according to the traffic condition
    and the area/road you are in.
  • Racing, trick-riding, cross-country, off-road is not allowed: we
    will associate with you and charge to you the damages occurred to
    the vehicle during prohibited activities;
  • The use of vehicle for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden
    (e.g. advertising, food delivery, subletting etc.);
  • The use of a personal lock is forbidden. The vehicle must be parked
    in its docking station or in other public location we can easily
    reach (do not put the vehicle in garage). In case we will not able
    to retrieve our vehicle due to your actions, we will charge you up
    to Euro 500,00.
  • You are required to comply with following weight limitation:
    • Max 110 kg for bike;
    • Max 10 kg for front basket.
  • In case you damage intentionally or accidentally our Vehicle we will
    charge you the cost for repairing. We can easily understand who was
    the last user. The cost of repairing could equal to an amount up to
    Euro 2.000,00;
  • In case the vehicle will be abandoned or you will not return it
    within 36 hours we can consider it lost or stolen and we will charge
    to you an amount of Euro 2.000,00. Furthermore, we
    may report this to the police. We also reserve the right to legally
    proceed against you for the recovery of vehicle value and additional
    damages occurred.
  • You can use the vehicle for up to 24 hours according to time you are
    allowed by the fee you paid. In case you will not return the vehicle
    timely in a parking area or in a dedicate docking station we can
    charge to you an amount of Euro 50,00;
  • You must report any accident, crash, damage, personal injury, or a
    stolen or lost vehicle to us as soon as possible. In case of stolen
    vehicle, you must report it the local police in maximum 24 hours.

Latest update: November 24, 2020