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e-bike sharing

The best way to move around

bari bike sharing vaimoo

Find your e-Bike, Grab and Ride!

Whether you are going to work or simply enjoying free time a VAIMOO e-bike is the best way to move around in the city.
Elegant, Robust and comfortable it is also fun to ride !

How does it Work?


VAIMOO App from your digital store


And choose an ebike on the map

Start a Ride

Ride as much as you want & get the boost.

Dock ebike

At a station or end trip with the app

Finish Your Trip

Push the lever to lock your ebike

In-app purchase with

SimpleTimed Ticket


  • Unlock: 1€
  • Rate: 0,15€/min
  • Advance Booking: 0.50€/min

SimpleTimed Ticket



Free from December 15th to January 9th

  • Rate: 0,15€/min
  • Advance Booking: 0.50€/min

SimpleTimed Ticket


  • Unlock: 1€
  • Rate: 0,15€/min
  • Advance Booking: 0.50€/min

Ride with VAIMOO e-bike sharing in Rotterdam


The VAIMOO e-bike sharing system is easy and fast to adopt, you will forget how to drive a car!. Based on a fully mobile experience with VAIMOO you can register in seconds and find an e-bike to ride directly from your smartphone.


VAIMOO e-bikes are GPS controlled and embed the highest connectivity technology available to optimize managing costs and operations. Moreover, the frame is made of recycled aluminium to respect the environment towards a sustainable circular economy.


Fun to drive VAIMOO e-bikes are robust and comfortable also on long rides. The anti-punctures wheels combined with front disk brake set these e-bikes at the top of quality and safety standards qualified under several stress tests. The customer support is available in case of need.

Special Subscription Plans
for your customers or students

Press Enquiries

Main FAQ

Racks are full where I can drop the bike?

No problem, each Physical Station has also a Virtual Station configured on top, so it is possible to drop the VAIMOO e-bike nearby if racks are full.

What exactly is VAIMOO?

VAIMOO is the new connected e-bike sharing system in Rotterdam. It’s a hybrid system both working with docking stations and in free-floating, which means you can leave the e-bike anywhere in specific areas or in virtual drop zones visible on the map in the app.

How do I create my own VAIMOO App account?

Once downloaded the app to register you can choose a user name and password, fill in with your data (location and date of birth) select your plan and preferred payment method. Finished. So easy isn’t it?

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

NO, to use VAIMOO e-bikes , during the registration process , is needed to choose a payment method among Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Apple Pay e Google Pay. We will charge only after your ride is completed and we will send out digitally your receipt after every usage. The payment gateway fulfill the highest security levels so do not worry your payment data are 100% safe.

The VAIMOO app is free?

Yes of course the app download is free and available of Google Play store and Apple Store, while the payment is required to start a ride.

How can I ask for support ?

The most effective way to contact VAIMOO support is through the mobile app.  Please follow the instructions below:


  1. From the side menu open “REPORT ISSUE”.
  2. Select the category of the disservice.
  3. Complete the tab that appears.
  4. Press “SEND”

Once your ticket is received, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your kind understanding

Discover all FAQHow to Report a Problem

Bike Stations

Each Physical Station has also a Virtual Station configured on top, so it is possible to drop the bike nearby if racks are full

  • Rotterdam Centraal – Conradstraat
  • Diergaarde Blijdorp – Bentincklaan
  • Museumpark – Melkkoppad
  • Metro Oostplein
  • Kop van Zuid – Rosestraat
  • Willemsplein
  • Rivium 4e Straat
  • P+R Kralingse Zoom
  • P+R Slinge
  • RTH Airport
  • Doklaan – Rietdijk
  • Transferium Maasvlakte – Haaiweg
  • Boompjes (only Virtual )
  • Busstation Krimpen a/d IJssel
  • Mauritsplaats – Pauluskerk (only Virtual)
  • Meent – Coolsingel
  • Metro Meijersplein
  • Metro Melanchtonweg (only Virtual)
  • P+R Capelsebrug – Rijckevorselplein
  • P+R Alexander
  • Parmentierplein – A. Fokkerweg
  • Pijnackerplein – Benthuizerstraat (only Virtual)
  • RTV Rijnmond – Kratonkade
  • Wilhelminakade
  • Katendrecht
  • Zuidplein – Metroplein
  • Diergaarde Blijdorp – Bentincklaan
  • Station Rotterdam Noord – Bergweg
  • Waalhaven Zuidzijde
  • Waalhavenweg – Bunschotenweg
  • Metro Beurs – Coolsingel (Only Virtual)
  • Kralingse bos (Only Virtual)
  • Bushalte Cairostraat – Bombaystraat (Only Virtual)
  • Eramus MC (Only Virtual)
  • Euromast Parkkade-Heuvellaan (Only Virtual)
  • Kop van Zuid – Statendam (Only Virtual)
  • Metro Blijdorp – Statenweg (Only Virtual)
  • Station Blaak – A. vd. Louwbrug (Only Virtual)
  • Erasmus Universiteit – Sportschool (Only Virtual)
  • Willem Ruyslaan (Only Virtual)
  • Rabobank – Kolk
  • Hoofdweg westzijde
  • Metro Coolhaven (Only Virtual)